TOP 10 debuts at 2016 Paris Motor Show

9. Land Rover Discovery

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British SUV fans were all over the fifth generation Land Rover Discovery in Paris, given that its new chassis and engine range offer a springboard, the company hopes, to a new level of efficiency and passenger comfort.

So far so good at least, given that the curvaceous looks are a hearty step away from the blunt styling of its predecessors yet still leaves room on the company’s line-up for a more rugged sister model (the new Defender a notable contender). Both lower and longer than the fourth gen model, the new Discovery also drops 480kg thanks to its new aluminium architecture. A 335bhp supercharged Si6 V6 suggests the new Disco could also be a bit of a hauler: kicking 332lb ft of torque through all four wheels, 0-100kph is done in just 6.9 seconds.

For any of you looking for more in-depth details on the new Discovery, Our man Phill goes into further details on the new Discovery HERE, following his time at the model’s UK launch.

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