TOP 10 debuts at 2016 Paris Motor Show

8. BMW Concept X2

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Like Mercedes before it, BMW continues to plug the gaps in ever-increasing product line-up. Though only a concept at present, the design is expected to be carried over to BMW’s new X2 – its third Sports Activity Coupe after the X4 and X6 – when its hits production in 2018.

Admittedly the design is a nifty one, and while traditional hues like the Bimmer kidney grilles and slim LED headlights remain front and centre, the Concept X2 also features a more rugged silver detailed front bumper, heavily raked windscreen and, interestingly, a BMW roundel on the C-pillar in tribute to the 3.0 CSL (another tribute to which you can find HERE). Add smaller wheels and throw in an interior – of which no example was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show – and you’ve got yourself a production model ready to go. Even in terms of dimensions: measuring 1821mm wide, 4439mm tall and 1598mm tall, the Concept X2 is similar in size to the existing X1 and could well use the same UKL platform.

Of course power and performance figures remain a mystery at present, many speculating that the production X2 could receive a 187bhp 2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder, with the same unit producing around 300bhp in a later M-spec model.

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