TOP 10 debuts at 2016 Paris Motor Show

3. Renault Trezor concept

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We had a feeling Renault would be pulling something pretty special from its newly green sleeves on home turf, and that dutifully arrived in the shape of the Trezor concept car. Representing the marque’s future design direction under department head Laurens van den Acker, the sleek coupe is also a high-performance electric two seater, suggesting yet further performance machines from Renault over the next few years.

Design-wise, the Trezor – or ‘treasure’ – is clearly a stunner. Measuring 4700mm in length, it’s longer even than a Range Rover Sport, and on par with the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6. But at 1080mm tall (don’t let those 21in and 22in wheels fool you) it’s also one of the lowest cars on the road. At the heart lies a carbon fibre chassis, incorporating steel frames at the front and rear that carry the independent suspension. Kerb weight is a reasonable 1600kg, a large proportion of which comes down to the single 350bhp Formula E electric motor that drives the rear axle and the two batteries that supplies the juice, although 0-100kph nevertheless takes ‘less than four seconds’.

When asked if a production model was imminent though, the overriding consensus was ‘don’t bank on it’.

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