Top 10 Nürburgring Lap Record Videos

 Nürburgring records come, and Nürburgring records go. But the lap videos? Those last forever. Or something. I’m no good at deep philosophical comments, but I am good at watching talented drivers thrash around the world’s most challenging racetrack. And so, in honour of the Volkswagen Golf Clubsport setting a new lap record for a front wheel drive car at the Nordschleife (7min 49.21sec), we spent far too long trawling previous record laps. Here are our favourites, in no particular order.

*Opening image courtesy of Pagani

10. Pagani Zonda R (2010)

This lap doesn’t appear on a lot of the lap record time sheets, as the Pagani Zonda R isn’t a street legal machine. But we don’t care about that, and neither did Marc Basseng as he dodged highway repair vehicles on the ‘Ring to set a time of 6min 47sec, thanks to slick tyres and a whole lotta horsepower.

Source – Mustafa Görke Aksu

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