2015 Dubai Motor Show. ANOTHER TOP 5. Classic Cars

The 2015 Dubai International Motor Show not only had the newest of cars on display from the world’s best-known manufacturers, it also had a vast array of classic cars in its dedicated ‘Nostalgia’ area. We’ve already seen James’ favourites (you can read those HERE). Now it’s time to check out my top five favourites

’55 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing

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Do I even need to explain? This car really is the epitome of automotive porn. Walking around the Dubai Motor Show you slowly pass by each car, admiring, taking a quick shot etc. This one. I spotted. I stopped. I stopped some more. Then had to leave because I actually had work to do. The model features a 3.0-litre unit with a top speed of 244kph. With a design based on the 300 SLR racing car, Mercedes‘ famous ‘Gullwing’ doors were a necessity as opposed to a design feature. Due to vital chassis components in the door-sills, conventional doors would have not allowed sufficient space for driver and passenger to even get in the car!

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