Top 10 Best Selling Cars of All Time

What’s the best-selling car of all time? We thought we had a few candidates in mind. But then we did some digging and found that while some of our suggestions do indeed feature in the top 10, there are some big-hitters that raise eyebrows.

See, the big sellers aren’t likely to be sexy, performance cars. They’ll be proper cars of the people, machines that do a job. They make sense to people who simply need transport and don’t necessarily have a passion for all thing automotive. That’s not to say that the following vehicles don’t generate some love, but there’s no exotica to be found here.

10. Honda Accord

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The Accord has been made in Japan since 1976, but it’s been the USA where Honda‘s established model found the greatest success. The first Japanese car to be built in the States, from 1982, it was a smash hit, outselling other Japanese brands for 15 straight years during the ‘80s and ‘90s. Its success has been in large part due to its reliability. It’s sold some 17.5 million units globally, and at least 12.5 million of those have been in the US.

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