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Largest showroom in the world for the Raging Bull…

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It was only a matter of time before the Raging Bull opted for some swankier digs in the Middle East, Lamborghini’s previous showroom in Dubai having proven considerably smaller and, quite honestly, a little rattier: “Lamborghini? Yes, certainly, down the corridor, turn right, first left, then ask for Barry at the counter, he’s got the key for the back door.”

The new location though, a 30,000 sq ft edifice akin to something the Justice League would hold their weekly meetings, looks altogether more impressive. Penned and created by Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott – he of the Opéra Bastille in Barcelona – is a pretty staggering mix of glass, steel cables and a three-storey elevator, and has left many wondering just how many dollars went into the development and build (answers on a postcard Lamborghini). Saying that, the inside is an entirely different matter, there being mirrored surfaces and a gitload of spotlights, as well as ‘dedicated Lamborghini environment’ to house the new Urus SUV when it arrives by the boatload in 2018, potential customers thereof, and the sizable wallets they’ll be carrying. Oh, and the new Huracán range, a video of which you can see below.

Owned and operated by Al Jaziri Motors, it’s fitting that a facility worthy of one of the motoring industry’s most famous names will open during the 100th anniversary of one Ferrucio Lamborghini.

Source – Lamborghini

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