In The News This Week. 1st -5th May 2016

…while Leaping Cat hits the largest building in the world

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You’ll have to forgive our skepticism: usually when a manufacturer promises ‘a world first’ or a ‘a spectacle unlike any other’, we find it difficult to fight back the hilariously exaggerated eye rolls. Consequently when Jaguar’s invite – and several teaser clips – came through concerning a world first for the F-PACE’s regional debut in the Middle East, the team’s eyebrows paused several moments before raising.

Saying that, even our cynical blackened hearts have to admit that Jaguar’s ‘jaw-dropping show’ was actually pretty good, with both Jaguar’s signature Leaping Cat and ‘F-PACE’ illuminated in 70,000 LED lightbulbs from the top of the 828m-high Burj Khalifa to the bottom. Even regional artist Wissam Shawkat had his handiwork – in the form of Arabic calligraphy – showcased on the side of the world’s tallest building.

The #JaguarWorldFirst finale was obviously the unveil of the F-PACE itself atop a 6m-high platform, rather ironic given the lofty standards Jaguar’s first SUV in more than eight years HAS to meet. But as our first taste of the F-PACE on a frozen lake in Sweden demonstrates, the British semi-behemoth is off to a good start.

Source – Jaguar

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