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Volvo teases a new concept…which kind of looks like the new Ford Mustang

Volvo Concept Teaser

Can you see it? We can. It may take a bit of squinting but we think there’s a hint of muscle car beef in Volvo’s latest teaser image. Indeed, after years of slightly boxy, rather tedious designs (I’m not including THESE, obviously), Sweden’s only car company injected some much needed joie de vivre at the design easel for its new generation of road models, the most notable of which being the new S90 and V90. If that wasn’t enough to prompt some interest in its new line-up, the team even went as far as to call the design DNA ‘Thor’s Hammer’, in the hope that Marvel fan boys might creep away from their parents’ basements to put down a deposit.

Now the company has teased another concept though SnapChat, speculated to be a crossover that slips into its ever-bolstering line-up beneath the flagship XC90. Only problem is that, besides Thor’s mighty welding mallet inspired headlights and curvaceous bonnet lines, there’s not a huge amount to go on. Chances are though that the new concept will include the twin-engine hybrid T8 alongside the company’s established four and six-cylinder units, and CMA platform when the motor show debut is announced. Who knows, maybe Concept 26 will make another appearance too…

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