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Problems in the sack? Then you’ll need a FIAT 124 Spyder

Chances are you might remember a certain FIAT advert from 2014, which promoted the 500X as ‘bigger, more powerful and ready for action’ thanks to a certain blue pill and the careless hands of an elderly Italian Lothario.

Not that we’d in any way accuse said Italian gentleman for beating the same drum (apologies for the mental image that might have stirred), but he’s recently starred in another FIAT advert, this time promoting the new 124 Spider. I’ll dispense with the details, but having once again omitted to restock his little blue engine revver, it turns out a spin in the 124 Spyder is all he needs to get properly…ahem, motivated.

We’ll leave you to watch the below video while our features editor sits for a while and weeps softly about the fact he just had to write that…

Source – FIAT USA

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