EIGHT cars to look out for at Paris Motor Show

8. Nissan: ‘A revolution is coming’

Two screenshots. That’s it. Normally when we say a manufacturer has provided no information concerning an upcoming concept or model, our beloved readers are savvy enough to take that with a sizable douse of salt. But on this occasion, Nissan really have provided absolutely no information at all about the upcoming ‘revolution’.

So, let’s begin the speculation. Might this be a new performance weapon to slot in alongside the new-for-2017 GT-R? Might this be an ‘R’ version of the new Altima or Maxima, given the design language (let us dream…)? Or, as the rear quarter suggests, are we about to see a revised Micra hatchback? Talk amongst yourselves, but we know what our money will be on

Enjoy this Paris Motor Show preview?

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