Update 2, Gumout 4586. Ferrari-engined GT86

Updates continue on the freshly repainted Gumout 4586 JDM Supercar from Honey Motorsports and Ryan Tuerck. Next up, transmission and suspension…

If you own a Ferrari, it should be red. And I will fight you if you disagree with that. Clearly Ryan Tuerck and the guys at Honey Motorsports agree, since the Gumout 4586 JDM Supercar has received a new paintjob in the latest Donut Media video. And if you’re too lazy to click this link HERE (seriously, it’s right HEREto find out what the Gumout is, imagine a universe where a Toyota 86 receives the naturally aspirated 4.5-litre ‘F136’ V8 engine from a Ferrari F430.

Despite deadlines looming and the 2M Autowerks team being ‘balls to the wall’, Tuerck’s reaction to seeing the freshly-repainted Toyota bodywork is reason enough to watch this video: it’s just a few steps shy of The Coppertone Baby. But there’s more to the Gumout restoration than just a snazzy paint finish. New louvres have been crafted into the front fenders to feed air to Maranello’s V8, while BC Racing DR series racing suspension, a new rear diffuser and front splitter, and a five-speed sequential transmission – developed for trophy trucks and designed to handle more than 1000bhp – mark the next phase in the Gumout build. Expect updates on that to roll around sometime soon.

Enjoy this Gumout 4586 JDM Supercar video?

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