EIGHT cars to look out for at Paris Motor Show

7. Mitsubishi GT-PHEV

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Not often that Mitsubishi makes one of our Top 10 lists, but the Japanese marque duly earned its spot here with the nifty GT-PHEV concept, set to become a rival to the Renault Captur. The first of an all-new wave of Mitsubishi SUVs is also mooted to make its debut next year in Geneva.

At the heart of the ‘Ground Tourer’ PHEV lies the customary hybrid drivetrain, encompassing a 2.4-litre petrol engine with three electric motors and 25kWh battery, all designed to produce an electric range of 120km, and a combined range ten times greater than that.

It’s the design though that really grabs us by the nadgers, the GT PHEV featuring a ‘Dynamic Shield’ front-end, a skid-plate derived rear bumper, heavily chiselled side panels, and a rear-mounted single tail-lamp across the outside, plus a ‘horizontal dashboard’ and two virtual mirrors on the inside. Hallmarks of the XR PHEV II concept that made its debut at Geneva last year.

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