10 Unforgettable F1 British Grand Prix moments

8. 1995 – Break a leg Schumi

Wait, did that just happen? Had Michael Schumacher really careened into the barriers at Stowe clouded by the red mist?

He had. One year on from his famous victory on pit road (again, honourable mentions), Schumacher’s ’99 British Grand Prix started badly, a poor getaway losing the German ground to not only the McLarens on the front row but also his Ferrari teammate Eddie Irvine. A move for third came just a few corners later, but the collision and the subsequent broken leg would sideline Schumacher for all but two of the season’s final races.

The race was far from over though. Erstwhile leader Mika Hakkinen would retire after a botched pit stop, allowing Scotland’s David Coulthard to swoop through ahead of Irvine for a British one-two on home soil. Two points for fifth would also be the last for Damon Hill at Silverstone, the ’96 world champion calling it quits at the end of the year.

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