TEASER. Toyota 86 with a Ferrari V8? Donut Media

Donut Media and Ryan Tuerck tease an upcoming build project, in which a Toyota 86 will receive a twin-turbo Ferrari V8 from the 458 Speciale?

The guys at Donut Media are back. And no, this time they’re not demonstrating an unorthodox way to sprinkle your donuts (hashtag euphemism). They are instead teasing what the marriage of a Toyota 86 and a Ferrari V8 might look, sound and perform.

Oh yes. This one is going to be GOOD.

Now, while adding grunting V8 power to a lightweight nimble body is not exactly new – step forward Caroll Shelby and the AC Cobra – the prospect of the same basic F136 V8 that powers the previous generation Maserati Quattrporte, the GranTurismo MC Stradale, the Ferrari F430 and the 458 Speciale is an intriguing one. The 86, after all, may scamper through corners like a startled field mouse – as we’ve discovered first-hand at crankandpiston.com – but the motoring can’t help but wonder what potential Toyota’s Supra successor might have if the 197bhp 2-litre flat-four was replaced with something a bit punchier?

The teaser offers little in terms of details, namely which engine configuration are Donut Media using. Can we expect the 552bhp 3.9-litre twin-turbo package from the similarly front-engined Calfornia T? Or will the Donut guys go all-out balls ludicrous – as we secretly hope – and squeeze 597bhp from the engine à la the mid-engined Speciale? Like we say, this is going to be good.

Enjoy this Toyota 86 / Ferrari V8 teaser?

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