LIVE STREAMING. 2016 Le Mans Classic

LIVE STREAMING of the 2016 Le Mans Classic, set to get underway on Saturday 9th and across Sunday 10th July

Three weeks after possibly the most heart-wrenching 24 Hours of Le Mans finish in history, race action is set to get underway again at La Sarthe for the 14th annual Le Mans Classic. And you can check out all the on-track action right HERE via LIVE STREAMING.

And judging from the entry list, this year’s event looks like being a belter. Already the three-day odyssey has 490 confirmed entrants, including ten former 24 Hours of Le Mans winners: Andy Wallace (‘88), Jochen Mass (‘89), Emanuele Pirro (’00, ’01, ’02, ’06, ‘07), Henri Pescarolo (’72, ’73, ’74, ‘84), and Romain Dumas (’10, ‘16) to name but a few.

Le Mans Classic 2016 crankandpiston-22

And then there’s the historic machines getting ready to stretch their transmission cables. More than 8500 cars from 60 different manufacturers and representing 180 classic clubs will descend on La Sarthe this weekend, 490 of which will be split across six different grids for the main races on Saturday. If that’s not enough to whet your metaphorical whistle, the Le Mans Classic also plays host to a Group C Racing grid and Jaguar classics for the first time in the event’s history:

Grid 1: 1923 – 1939 (65 cars)
Grid 2: 1949 – 1956 (75 cars)
Grid 3: 1957 – 1961 (75 cars)
Grid 4: 1962 – 1965 (75 cars)
Grid 5: 1966 – 1971 (75 cars)
Grid 6: 1972 – 1981 (75 cars)
Group C: 1982 – 1993 (47 cars)
Jaguar Classic Challenge: 1950 – 1965 (59 cars)

Entry lists for each grid can be found HERE, HERE and HERE, and we recommend you take five minutes out of your day to take a browse. You’ll want to pay close attention to the Jaguar Classic Challenge grid, since it will boast not only Chris Harris in one of the ‘missing six’ Lightweight E-Types, but also the V12-powered XJ13. Only one was built in 1966, and despite being geared up to dominate at Le Mans, 2016 marks the first time the XJ13 will turn a wheel in anger at the circuit.

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*Featured images courtesy of Tim Brown and Motion Captured

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