10 Unforgettable F1 British Grand Prix moments

Honourable mentions

10 Unforgettable Formula 1 British Grand Prix moments-2

Where possible I’ve tried to avoid using the obvious British GP moments, but since I’m wary of angry CAPS LOCK comments explaining why this list is a disgrace to motorsport fans, etc, here are a few honourable mentions

1981 – A new world order

The ’81 race marked much more than just John Watson’s first Grand Prix in front of his home fans. It marked his first climb to the top of the podium in five years, McLaren’s first victory since the James Hunt days in 1977, and was also the first Grand Prix victory for a carbon fibre composite monocoque F1 car. The sport was about to change dramatically…

1998 – Schumacher wins in the pits

Possibly the most cunning end to a Grand Prix there’s ever been (and there’s a fair few to choose from), Michael Schumacher’s 1998 British Grand Prix actually finished on pit road, the German serving a 10 second penalty for overtaking under safety car conditions. McLaren were overjoyed as Mika Hakkinen came through to take the chequered flag. Joy that was quickly dashed when Ferrari explained that their garage was further down the pitlane than the starting gantry, making Schumacher the rightful winner. Even the officials couldn’t find a loophole there…

2000 – An April calendar slot?

Given that it can get a tad wet in the UK during spring, moving the British GP from its traditional July slot to April brought with it a sense of inevitability. Such was the case when multiple cars span out of the race on standing water and the car parks and infields were soon just made of mud. Still, a second straight victory for Coulthard kept the British fans happy.

2010 – “Not bad for a number two driver”

Never short of an opinion, the 2010 British GP marks Webber’s most famous radio outburst outside ‘Multi-21’. Having lost his newly developed front wing to team ‘number one’ Vettel shortly before qualifying, the Aussie outsprinted poleman Vettel into the first turn, taking a lead he would not lose to the flag. Cue a coded message to the team…

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