10 Unforgettable F1 British Grand Prix moments

3. 1973 – Carnage at the first corner

Quite how nobody died in this colossal wreck was a miracle, though injuries sustained meant it did unfortunately cost Italian driver Andrea de Adamich his F1 career. This massive shunt eliminated nine drivers from the race and put a severe blot of furture world champion Jody Schekter’s copybook in only his fourth race start after the South African overcooked it on the main straight on lpa two in pursuit of fourth place.

Victory in the restarted race ultimately went to America’s Peter Revson – the first of his career – while champion elect Jackie Stewart took his worst result of the season in 10th after an attempted pass for the lead put him into Silverstone’s infield. Back in fourth place, in only his third F1 start? An unknown rookie called James Hunt.

Interestingly, this was the last race at Silverstone before the chicane was added at Woodcote. Also, did you know that this is the only official F1 race with four New Zealand drivers in it?

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