10 Unforgettable F1 British Grand Prix moments

6. 1992 – Mansell-mania

You probably thought we’d go for Ayrton Senna’s taxi ride in 1991. A worthy moment of British GP history (it made our Honourable Mentions, stop complaining) but it’s Mansell’s 1992 race that stands out for us. That the moustachioed champion-elect would win was a foregone conclusion: he was already seven for nine in 1992 and the technical brilliance of the Williams FW14B meant rivals Ferrari and McLaren were nowhere. Across the line, 40 seconds seconds ahead of second-placed Riccardo Patrese and the crowd ignited. Here was Mansell-mania the likes of which we’d never seen before, or since, as hundreds of British fans invaded the circuit on the cool-down lap a la the tifosi at Monza.

Silverstone ’92 also marked the F1 debut of future World Champion Damon Hill. Look closely in the video: he’s the first car behind Mansell over the finish line, albeit four laps down in the Brabham.

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