Top 10 Drift Cars

7. BMW Z3

The Z3’s front engine, rear-wheel-drive layout and chassis make for a good drifter starter pack.

When I first started to put this list together, I did think about squeezing in the E46 but it’s only a top 10, and BMW Z cars are probably a little more apt – both the Z3 and Z4 would make decent drift machines. The Z3’s inline six cylinder variants would be the best option with output ranging from 146bhp-316bhp, and they’re super cheap to buy. Plus, the model even featured in the Bond movie; Goldeneye – if that’s not reason enough to get one, I don’t know what is.

If you have the budget, though – the M Coupe would be the best one to go for, but, again, this would be murderous to use it as a drift slag.

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