Top 10 Drift Cars

4. Mazda RX7 FD

The Mazda RX7, with its 13B rotary engine, has always been a top choice for drifting. It’s a very well-balanced car, with a near-50:50 weight distribution due to the mounting of that lump being behind the front axle.

The rotary engine featured is a 1.3-litre – which may not sound that impressive – but, did I mention it comes with two sequential turbochargers? It pushes out a respectable 257bhp and its rev-limiter is set at a whopping 8,000rpm. The FD really is a quick car, even in stock form, namely because of its distribution and overall curb weight of around 1300kg.

But, if you do take it on the road, don’t try and do 190k to outrun the police – that kind of shizz only works in the movies.

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