Top 10 Drift Cars

Following on from a video we published earlier this week showcasing some skillful sideways action, I thought I’d put together my top 10 choices for drift cars.

1. Toyota AE86

Known in Japan as the Hachiroku; ‘hachi’, Japanese for eight and ‘Roku’, Japanese for six, the Toyota AE86 is the perfect choice for a drift car. Granted, this one is a little expensive, and the residuals continue to rise, but this is my choice, all day, every day.

Power isn’t everything, just like size isn’t… boys! The AE86 features a twin-cam 16v 1.6-litre four-cylinder 4AGEU engine, delivering a mere 128bhp, but the model comes in with a stock weight of around 950kg. so it’s super light, and its weight distribution means it’s pretty well balanced, which can often be worth more when you’re throwing a car sideways.

There is debate among the drift community of what weight distribution is best but most of the pros say about 55:45 to the front.

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