Ares Design reveals 705bhp S1 Project supercar

Italian coachbuilder Ares Design has launched its first bespoke supercar, featuring a high-revving NA V8


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Ares Design, co-founded by former Lotus CEO Dany Bahar, has created some wild machines since its inception in 2012 such as the recent Panther ProgettoUno, a modern take on the iconic De Tomaso Pantera. Now Ares design has launched its very first ground-up supercar: the limited-run, V8-powered S1 Project. 

The brief was to create a model with supercar performance and hypercar design, but for a sports car price tag. Though pricing details are yet to be announced, Ares says that the first examples will enter production in January of 2021, with only 24 set to be produced in total.

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Dany Bahar said: ‘The aim was not to produce the fastest, the lightest or the most technologically advanced supercar; we want to produce a car that our clients want, that is simple and fun to drive and looks simply stunning and with the S1 Project I know we will have achieved just that.

Exact powertrain details are still under wraps, but we do know that it will send 705bhp to the rear wheels from a naturally-aspirated V8 that will rev out to 8800rpm – a torque figure hasn’t been disclosed. Its 0-100kph acceleration time is quoted at 2.7sec and although not yet tested, should yield an impressive top speed. 

An eight-speed dual-clutch transmission is used to transfer power to the ground, with double wishbone suspension and adaptive Magnetic Ride Control utilised for improved dynamics. A bespoke exhaust system helps extract more performance and sound, with carbonfibre body panels keeping weight to a minimum.

All of these technical elements, such as the mid-engined aluminium chassis, atmospheric V8 engine, dual-clutch transmission and those magnetic campers do allude to what could lie underneath the Ares S1’s carbon body panels, such as a certain recently-reformed American sports car that’s recently switched to a mid-engined layout… 

The exterior design has been heavily-influenced by computational fluid dynamics studies, featuring a sleek silhouette with large wheels nestled within bulging arches. At the rear you’ll also find top-mounted exhaust tips and a dynamic rear spoiler, both designed to enhance its aerodynamic performance. 

Pricing and full specifications are still under wraps, however the model will be displayed for the first time at Salon Privé later this month. The Ares Design S1 Project will be limited to just 24 examples with production set to begin in January 2021.

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