2022 Bentley Continental GT V8 S teased

The Bentley Continental GT and GTC’s most dynamic S iteration is on its way

The Bentley Continental GT range is about to gain its most dynamic variant yet, with the new V8 S teased by the British luxury manufacturer. The V8 S has been a consistent addition to the range since 2013, when it first paired the smaller and lighter 4-litre V8 engine with a more dynamically-focused chassis setup and sportier styling elements. We have reason to believe the next V8 S will share these underlying fundamentals, only this time we’re expecting them to be applied with much greater effect thanks to the current Continental’s more dynamically-focused underpinnings – shared, of course, with the Porsche Panamera

The powertrain of the new V8 S will almost certainly feature the trusted Volkswagen Group twin turbocharged 4-litre V8, but its specific outputs are what is in question. As it stands, the current Continental GT V8 produces 542bhp, but as we know from various other applications of that engine can be tuned all the way up to 631bhp. Torque is also expected to grow from the current 538lb ft.

However a 631bhp Continental GT V8 S is unlikely, as Bentley won’t want the new S to get too close to the flagship Speed’s 650bhp, so we’re expecting something more far more subtle to be going on under the skin. Like all modern Continentals, power will likely be sent to all four wheels through a rear-biased all-wheel drive system, and the transmission should also be carried over – in this case a high-torque rated eight-speed dual-clutch. 

As it stands, the current V8 is able to accelerate to 100kph in just 3.9sec and go on to a top speed of 318kph – we suspect the V8 S will improve on those times, but without improving upon the flagship Speed’s figures. 

The V8 S might also pick up the Speed’s electronically-controlled limited slip differential and three-chamber all-wheel drive system, so too Bentley’s active anti-roll system. 

Along with the new V8 S’s technical upgrades, we also expect to see some subtle styling tweaks, including a new set of 22-inch wheels as shown in the teaser image. Curiously the image also reveals that the S will feature steel brakes as standard, although we suspect Bentley’s huge 440mm ceramics will be available as an option. The teaser image also reveals the front tyre size, which is the same 275-section as all 22-inch wheel options in the current Continental range. 

The Continental GT and GTC V8 S will be revealed next Monday, but until then we can only speculate over the details which could lead to the most exciting and driver-focused Continental GT yet. 

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