Bentley Mulliner Batur teased – low-production special to preview future Bentley design

The Bentley Mulliner Batur will look ahead at a new generation of design, by pairing it with a W12 engine of its present

Bentley’s next hand-made Mulliner creation has been previewed ahead of its debut at California’s Monterey Car Week. Called the Bentley Mulliner Batur, this low-production hand-built model will debut Bentley’s future design language that it’ll install on its incoming all-electric models from 2025, but for now will be paired to a traditional W12 engine installed under the bonnet. 

While only a silhouette has been so far revealed, it’s very clear that the curvaceous, almost Art Nouveau-like styling of the contemporary Bentley Continental range will evolve into something with a staunch stance and blockier graphics for the Batur.

This is obvious in its very elegant silhouette, as while it retains a fastback-like roofline, the Continental GT’s rising beltline and flicked-up windowline have been swapped for an elongated glasshouse that runs parallel with the sills, creating a much more formal appearance. The effect isn’t dissimilar to arch rival Rolls-Royce, but while the two cars do share an obvious connection in their company histories, the rest of Bentley’s design language retains a clear distinction from something like a Wraith (or forthcoming Spectre).

This is underlined by the dipped bonnet and low-set grille and headlights – a very different aesthetic from the upright front end associated with Rolls-Royce. From here, Bentley’s other design elements continue to be reimagined, from a new interpretation of the round headlight, now intersected and capped by a horizontal lighting structure, to the clean, frameless grille that features a new inner structure that protrudes out from its profile. 

The body itself looks relatively unadorned, save for a single piece of satin brightwork that runs along the windowline and extends into the bonnet, informing a crease in the bodywork that also then forms the front wing. The rear arch is swollen and muscular, but does without a typical Bentley crease, instead relying on the volume to express the car’s width. This then forms a clean rear end, with a very slim set of tail lights that mimic the headlights with a solid horizontal line defining the top edge. It’s all very clean, elegant and somewhat reminiscent of Bentley’s older generation. 

Few technical specifications have been released so far, but Bentley has confirmed that the W12 engine will produce more power and torque than in any previous application, giving it at least 650bhp. This will be paired with Bentley’s most advanced chassis system yet – likely a development of its 48V active anti-roll system. 

The Batur will be revealed in full at Monterey Car Week in California, with a price tag very likely to break into seven figures, considering Bentley’s run of 12 Bacalars sold for $1.8m each.

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