Decision is made, the VW I.D. Buzz is coming 2022.

Volkswagen just confirmed that they will bring back the VW Bus, with the I.D. Buzz but to be fully electric.

This is it

The circular lights are gone, but the spirit of the Volkswagen Microbus will live again with a lot more technology, as this new I.D. bus/buzz will be on battery juice, delivering zero emissions and suited up with a ton of gadgets. The Buzz got confirmed for production after the CEO receiving so many letters and emails from customers and fans, begging the brand to bring back the ultimate hippie/surfers/campers vehicle.
It is promised that the I.D. will arrive to dealerships by 2022, so not far away from now.

The Buzz will be quiet larger than the original Bus, so now you can put up a bigger surfboard on the roof, have more friends inside that you made through social media, and more space for other uses that I’ll leave for you to think about.

The model showed is still of course a concept model. For instance, the pedals have Stop and Play symbols, and the steering wheel is err .. not really a wheel.

Here’s a small comparison of how the new I.D. Buzz is in size compared to the original VW Bus:

Length Width Height
I.D. Buzz 4,942mm 1,976mm 1,963mm
VW Bus 4,280mm 1,720mm 1940mm

We’re glad Volkswagen made this step with bringing back such an iconic model as a part of their expansion of the electric vehicle range. Knowing that VW will be releasing over 30 new fully-electric vehicles by 2025.

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