VIDEO. Making the Carbon Fiber wheel by Porsche.

Porsche jumps on the Carbon Fiber wheels train and creates new CF compound braided wheels, and they ain’t cheap.

In the past, I’ve seen a couple of samples of Carbon Fiber braided wheels online, where Koenigsegg (Masters of Carbon Fiber) made some for their One:1 and the Regera, but those wheels were made in very limited numbers and are put on unicorn cars that hardly exist. I never thought it could become a thing unless if custom ordered, but still, the wheels being the most important part of the cars, I wasn’t sure who to trust in creating them. (I do now though)

Porsche just revealed their new carbon fiber braided wheels, and are making them available for the customers of the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series.
The combined weight dropped compared to the earlier wheels is at 8.5 Kilograms. Making the wheels weigh 20% less, and after testing they proved to be 20% stronger.

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The information provided by Porsche aren’t very specific, but it’d be interesting to get these wheels compared to other forged lightweight wheels. But then don’t forget that for some customers who bought an Exclusive Series, these wheels addition are not just to increase performance, but more of an investment to increase the value of the car in the future as I’m sure these wheels will be made with limited production.

Want my honest opinion?

It makes no sense. Porsche announced that these wheels will only go as an option for the 991.2 Turbo S Exclusive, then the video brings up having “The world’s largest radial wheel” to weave the wheels, but that’s a lot to invest in if you’re only making wheels for one vehicle, no?
Also, 8.5 Kgs weight saving of all four wheels COMBINED? Again, I’m intrigued to see what forged lightweight wheels can do against them.
So, about the price .. The wheels will cost a bit over EUR €15,232 / AED 66,000 /USD $18,000. I think I’d cry of I get a curb rub or get one of the wheels scratched/broken by a pothole.

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