Chris Harris on the Bugatti EB110 SS

Chris Harris turns back the clock with a spin in a ’90s Bugatti EB110 Supersport

Chris Harris on Bugatti EB110 SS 01

The teasers are out and a new Bugatti is on its way. And it’s designed to be…actually, we’ve no idea, since the company’s latest teaser offers nothing but a rolling road a speaker-rattling sound track. Still, it seems to have inspired Chris Harris, who recently jumped behind the wheel of an EB110 Supersport.

First appearing in 1992, the SS was a lighter, yet more powerful version of the Ferrari F40-rivalling EB110 that had come before it, horsepower creeping over the 610 mark from its quad-turbo 3.5-litre V12, and zero to the ton figures down there in the low three second bracket. The brainchild of Bugatti man Romano Artioli, only 33 SS examples were made, each of which came ready packed with carbon fibre panels, a fixed rear-wing and all-wheel drive. Easy to understand really why the EB110 was once the world’s fastest production car.

As the model in the below video is due to be auctioned, we would say ‘careful with the throttleChris.’ But, yes, that is a four-wheel drift at 3m 30s…

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