Top 10 cars to be excited about at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Geneva might just be or favourite motor show on the calendar – it’s not too big (Frankfurt, we’re looking at you) but it still has plenty of interesting machinery from virtually all of the world’s manufacturers. There will doubtless be a few surprise appearances after this piece was written, but here, in alphabetical order, are the cars we’re looking forward to ahead of the show.

1. Alpine Vision

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The Alpine name has been rather dormant in recent years, at least when it comes to road cars, but parent company Renault has big plans for the classic French marque. Its return is marked by this, the Alpine Vision, which showcases, well, Alpine’s vision of a lightweight, Porsche Cayman-rivalling, mid-engined sports car. Expect a production version of this car to follow, and then a wider range of Alpine cars that will likely include some performance-focused SUVs. It’ll be good to have one of motorsport’s classic names back, and we hope they’re doing things properly at their Dieppe HQ.

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