Top 10 cars to be excited about at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show

8. Maserati Levante

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First seen in the guise of the Kubang concept, Maserati’s first production SUV will be sure to garner interest as it enters an increasingly cluttered luxury off-road-type-thing market. Initial photos suggest the Levante bears more than a passing resemblance to an Infiniti, but with the underpinnings of a Jeep Cherokee it should hold its own away from the tarmac. The big test of the Levante will be how well Maserati has brought its dynamic, flamboyant brand image into the world of all-wheel drive, high-riding machines. The likes of Jaguar and Bentley have already thrown their hat into a ring currently dominated by Land Rover and Porsche, so good performance from the Italian marque is a must.

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