Top 5 Non-Cars. 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Our favourite things at the Geneva Motor Show that aren’t cars.

Morgan Two

British sports car company Morgan makes it cars by hand in a very traditional  fashion. And now it’s worked with a local bicycle manufacturer in its hometown of Malvern to create a bicycle in the same ethos. We know nothing about bikes, but for those in the know, it has a cromoly 4130 double butted steel frame made by Foffa of London, as well as a traditional Brooks saddle and grips, DMR pedals and Shimano brakes.  Yours for $1500.

Peugeot Onyx Bike

Styled after the concept car of the same name, revealed at Paris last year, the Onyx bike is carbon framed and finished I. The same hue as its namesake. It’s wind-tunnel styled, boasts streamlined wheels and disc brakes. Perfect for the man in his 40s who decides he’d probably get into better shape.

This girl’s hat

Because it can get cold in Switzerland.

Rinspeed microMAX

You can always count on Swiss company Rinspeed to think so far out of the box that they’re several miles down the street before you realise that the box has been opened. In this case, they’re probably in their new microMAX urban transport vehicle. Billed as a ‘network swarm car’, it’s outfitted with a fridge and coffee maker, connected to the internet, and powered by a small electric engine. Think of it as a small electric minibus. Or something.

EDAG Light Car-Sharing concept

Conceived by a German company, this electric vehicle visualises what EDAG thinks a car designed for short journeys and used by several different people could look like. To save weight and thus improve efficiency, it’s got a steering wheel, seats, accelerator and brake, and that’s about it. Luxurious it ain’t, but it does look kinda cool.


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