RETRO. Jaguar C-Type at Nurburgring

THROWBACK THURSDAY. Ex-Juan Manuel Fangio C-Type put to the test at the 2013 Old Timer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring

JD Classics TV Alex Buncombe Nurburgring Jaguar C-Type 01

Jaguar is preparing to release a ranging new F-TYPE SVR to the world at next month’s Geneva Motor Show, but for this week’s Throwback Thursday we thought we’d look back at another Jaguar type – the C-Type.

This video shows ace peddler Alex Buncombe behind the wheel of an ex-Juan Manuel Fangio C-Type at the 2013 Old Timer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. Ride on board for a scintillating couple of laps that really show off the skill of the driver in one of the most revered sports cars of the ‘50s. Check out how much steering input is needed to keep the car balanced and how much it moves about both out of and into corners. Awesome.

Source – JD Classics TV

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