[VIDEO] Shots Fired! Jaguar puts Tesla to shame with their all new I-Pace.

Jaguar just went there, and put Tesla’s Model X in a 0-100-0 Km/h race against the all new I-Pace, who do you think will take the win?

When it comes to electric cars and drag racing, we all know that who will go across the line first: Tesla. But that was before Jaguar triggered their electrification research and development program.

In the video above, Jaguar just took their recently unveiled all new I-Pace, which is a fully electric crossover/SUV and put it against its competitors, the Tesla Model X. We know that if you want to drag race a Tesla, it needs to have the two letters P and D in its powertrain trim, but that comes for a price, which apparently was stated in the video by Formula E driver Mitch Evans: “You can buy two of these (I-Pace) for the price of a P100D”. You know, the Model X P100D can start at 580,000 AED / $158,000 here in the UAE.

Want to know more about the I-Pace? Click here to see its power output, weight, price and more.

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