TEASER. Climbkhana with 1400hp Hoonicorn V2

Ken Block, The Hoonigans and Toyo Tires teases the first chapter in a new series – Climbkhana – with the new 1400hp Hoonicorn V2.

Ken Block and The Hoonigans broke most of the internet recently when they unveiled Hoonicorn V2, whose 6.7-liter, 410-cubic-inch V8 has been modified with a twin-turbo setup to chuck out a kidney-splintering 1400hp – almost double that of the original Hoonicorn_RTR – for a ‘special project’. A teaser trailer that’s since appeared on Toyo Tires official YouTube page confirms said special project is dubbed Climbkhana and takes place on the world’s most famous hill climb, Pikes Peak.

The video itself is not set to appear before Summer next year, and is the first of a new ‘Gymkhana’ series from the World RallyX star. Fittingly, the 12.42m (20km ish) Pikes Peak course will take the 1400hp modified Ford Mustang to a 14,000m altitude. Whether or not this marks the end of Ken Block’s Gymkhana series, the last chapter of which saw Block take a modified Ford Focus RS round an industrial park, remains to be seen. We’re pretty confident though parodies from Crazy Cart will prove more difficult than they have been previously

And by the way, if you missed the last few hundred times we shared this link, you can also check out our interview with Ken Block himself from last year’s Dubai Motor Show.

Enjoy this Climbkhana teaser video?

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