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The first video reviews are out for the new Ford GT, for both the road and track. Turns out Ford’s latest performance benchmark is quite good…

Engine Power Torque 0-100kph Top speed Weight Starting price
Ecoboost V6, twin-turbo, 3497cc 647bhp @ 6250rpm 550lb ft @ 5900rpm 2.8secs 348kph 1385kg(467bhp/ton) c$450,000

DriveTribe (Jethro Bovingdon): “It’s quick, it’s good, but the drivetrain is not really what defines this car. I like the Le Mans spirit, but really this car is about the chassis. It’s the mechanical grip it’s got. Initially that makes the car feel quite aloof – it’s super stiff beneath you and you’re trying to understand what it’s doing – but with time you sort of relax into it, and you begin to trust the front end.

“There’s balance, and just so much grip and composure. It really does have that race car vibe going on. It’s uncompromising, it’s noisy, but still works on the road. Let’s collectively thank God for homologation rules.”

AutoCar (Matt Prior): “In this guise, street-trim, that 3.5-litre V6 makes about 647bhp. In the endurance racing regulations, they have a thing called the balance of performance, which means some cars are allowed a bit more poke than others so they end up at around the same top speed. In race-trim, the Ford GT, which has won its class at Le Mans, makes less than 500hp. Because quite frankly, it’s just too fast for its own good.

“But other than that, on the road, the most astonishing thing about it, is the ride is brilliant Really, unbelievably comfortable.”

Carfection (not Alex Goy): “It’s not all about top speed. Handling is even more important in a car like this, and weight is the biggest factor there. With its lightweight but durable carbon fibre construction, the Ford GT weighs just a little over 3000lb [around 1360kg]. That’s barely more than a Porsche Cayman, despite the GT having twice the horsepower.

“And out here on the track, you can definitely feel it. This car is over 300lb [around 136kg] lighter than a Ferrari 488 GTB. It’s as light as the incredible McLaren 675LT, and it just feels so alive out here. It’s incredibly responsive to everything you do. It’s dancing around. It’s moving. It feels really, really good!”

It’s 647bhp. It’s a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged Ecoboost V6. It’s a Le Mans legend. It’s what happens when Enzo Ferrari pisses you off. It’s one of the most awaited supercar sequels in generations. And it has possibly the most outstanding rear wing we’ve ever seen. 

It’s the Ford GT. It doesn’t need an introduction.

  • Full technical specifications available on page 2

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