Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo now available in all powertrain variants

The low-slung Taycan Sport Turismo range has grown to full strength, topped by the 741bhp Turbo S

Porsche has once again expanded its Taycan range, this time making the Sport Turismo body-style available with all the saloon’s powertrain options, from the base single-motor Taycan all the way up to the 741bhp (on overboost) Turbo S. Prior to these new models, the Sport Turismo bodystyle was exclusively available in the new GTS trim, but can now be ordered with any powertrain option.

As with the saloon, the range structure will consist of the single-motor rear-wheel drive base car and 4S, both of which are available with either a base 79.2kWh battery or the uprated 93.4kWh Performance Battery Plus, plus the Turbo and Turbo S which both feature the larger battery pack as standard. 

All Sport Turismo models share the same body-in-white as the Cross Turismo, but differ in certain details of their exterior design such as the lack of wheel arch cladding and more rugged bumpers. They also lack the Cross Turismo’s additional air-suspension, off-road modes (where fitted), and optional longitudinal roof rails. 

What they do instead is combine the more dynamically-tuned Taycan saloon’s ultimate setup with the estate body, in effect creating the first high performance electric estate car, thus beating many rivals to this as-yet untapped market.

At its fastest, the Taycan Sport Turismo Turbo S will hit 100kph in 2.8sec, while small updates across the powertrain and battery management (alongside all 2022 model year Taycans) have also extended the potential range up to 495 kilometers in the 4S as fitted with the uprated Performance Battery Plus.

Prices for the Sport Turismo will correspond to the saloon’s pricing with an $1088 premium, starting at $100,188 for the base Taycan and rising all the way up to $190,555. This also places them quite substantially below the most inexpensive Taycan Cross Turismo variant which start at $110,867, its price discrepancy explained by both a secondary electric motor (no two-wheel drive Cross Turismo models are offered) and the larger battery pack which is standard. 

As with all Taycans, the Sport Turismo is also now available with an even wider selection of Porsche Individual options and paint-to-sample colours thanks to an extended availability of the program. The Sport Turismo is available to order now through Porsche centres, with cars reaching customers in the next few months. 

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