G-Power’s BMW M2 CS has more power than a Porsche 911 Turbo S

New range of upgrades for the sublime CS lift its peak power as high as 651bhp

Impressive enough to take the top spot at evo Car of the Year 2020, BMW’s M2 CS boasts outstanding dynamic ability and has an excellent power plant to match. This hasn’t stopped G-Power turning its tuning hand to the CS, however, raising its outputs to levels that would concern some supercars…

With 444bhp as standard, the CS already has enough to light up its Cup 2s out of the box, but G-Power has fitted new turbochargers with larger compressor and turbine wheels and combined them with uprated injectors, less restrictive downpipes and an ECU tune for a staggering 651bhp with 590lb ft of torque – increases of 207bhp and 184lb ft over the factory outputs.

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If more power than a 911 Turbo S sounds like taking things a little too far, 562bhp can be extracted through the use of an ECU tune, new downpipes and a redesigned exhaust, while 533bhp and 493bhp tunes are also available with fewer hardware changes required.

A locking device for the central crankshaft screw is included with all upgrades to ensure reliability, and G-Power also offers a number of software tweaks to enhance the driving experience: the speed limiter can be removed, a ‘burble tune’ added and the transmission software for the DCT gearbox upgraded to ‘M4 GTS’ spec for more precise shifts.

As you might expect with such power numbers, cooling will also require an upgrade should you plan to push for long periods, and so G-Power has also developed a charge air cooler package for just this purpose.

The power upgrades start at c$2080 for the 493bhp tune and rise to c$22,000 for 651bhp, with the optional elements costing extra.

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