BMW M Performance parts for M3 and M4 revealed

Think the new M3 and M4 aren’t striking enough already? BMW’s M Performance parts will fix that


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While it’s unlikely that anyone might look at the new BMW M3 and M4 Competitions and think they’re a little visually underwhelming, it appears that memo never reached BMW. As with all its new M Division models, the brand has revealed a range of M Performance parts to accentuate the already divisive looks hot on the heels of the main launch.

The parts are available for both M3 and M4 models, and include a selection of carbonfibre accessories, new wheel designs, front-mounted dive planes, interior trim changes, and a new high-rise wing and four-exhaust outlet package. 

Carbonfibre add-ons to M3s and M4s are nothing new, but the new generation parts take that to a new level with a chunkier splitter extension that draws up the bumper’s outer edges and caps the leading edge against the front wheelarch. The intakes either side of the grille are also lined in carbon, with the inner section losing the plastic mesh design.

The sills and rear bumper have similarly chunky carbon accents, but it’s the rear bumper that has a big departure from the usual quad setup of the standard bumper. Gone are the four level, more central pipe finishers that have been a consistent design element of M3s since the E46, replaced with a centrally-mounted layout of four pipes in an arch-like formation. 

Both the M3 and M4 feature the same layout, which is joined on the bootlid by either a subtle lip spoiler, or a pretty extreme stacked rear wing. While rear wings on limited edition M3s and M4s are nothing new (E92 and F82 GTS), those wings have an almost motorsport-like simplicity. This one is far more stylised, and finished with M Performance badging on the leading edge. 

There are also three further wheel design options available that bump up the standard 19-inch front and 20-inch rear staggered wheel sizes by an inch to 20- and 21-inches, a decal package and other carbonfibre trinkets around the front wings and dive planes. The inside is also packed full of carbonfibre trim around the driver zone.

While these bits might look like they’re carefully honed to reduce weight and increase downforce we suspect they are designed more for shock value. According to BMW, they do precisely nothing to improve the cars in either area.

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