AWESOME Rocket Bunny ’78 Ford Escort. Ken Block

Hoonigan Racing teases Ken Block’s next Gymnkhana video with a Rocket Bunny-kitted 1970 Ford Escort Mk2 RS.

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For those of you who thought Ken Block’s Hoonicorn_RTR was awesome if a tad gauche, the Drift King’s latest – a Rocket Bunny-kitted 1970 Ford Escort Mk2 RS – might be right up your street.

Well, to a certain extent. The 2.5-liter, four-cylinder Millington motor under the bonnet still kicks out 333bhp at a 9000rpm red line in a move designed to ‘kill tyres with the quickness’. Said barbecue pit is connected to a six-speed sequential transmission.

Chances are though you’ve ignored all of that and your lower jaw is still around your ankles, given the images above. The star spangled dose of awesome is a superb – SUPERB – looking piece of kit, drawing inspiration from Hoonigan Racing’s current RX43 and HFHV Fiestas, the Hoonicorn_RTR itself, runs atop custom two-piece, Pirelli clad fifteen52 wheels, and marks a collaboration between Block and Rocket Bunny maestro Kei Miura. All this on Ken Block’s first-ever Ford rally car, purchased back in 2008.

So, what will the newboy be doing? There’s a new project in the works for 2016 – though Hoonigan Racing is keeping notably schtum on that – and the Escort is set to make its first appearance in Monster Energy’s Gymkhana GRID Finale this coming weekend. For now, you’ll have to content yourself with this shakedown footage of the Gymkhana Escort at the Hoonigan Donut Garage.

Source – TheHoonigans

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