All-electric Ferrari confirmed for 2025 reveal

Ferrari has confirmed its first EV, but first three new models are due in the coming months

The era of an electric Ferrari is getting closer, as the Italian marque confirmed its first EV will arrive in 2025. No official details have been disclosed as to its form, but despite the brand’s move into the high-end SUV market later this year, it is likely that Ferrari’s first EV will be in the form of a supercar, not an electric crossover. 

Before it arrives, however, Ferrari looks set for another busy year confirming three new model launches in the coming months. The first to arrive will be a hardcore variant of the V12-powered 812 Superfast in the mould of the previous F12tdf and 599 GTO. While, once again, specifics are thin on the ground the hardcore 812 derivative will feature an even more highly-strung version of the venerable Tipo 140 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12. Power is unknown at this point, but expect somewhere over 800bhp, to give it some breathing space over the 789bhp 812. 

The other two incoming models are less certain, but with the Purosangue SUV deep into its on-road development phase it could well be one of the models referred to. As it stands, the Purosangue will form Ferrari’s most family-friendly model yet, while not forgetting its roots. That’s because it’s likely to be powered by a Tipo V12 of its own – something uncovered by the unmistakable sound of the engine during recent footage of it in testing. Whether the Purosangue is one of the immanent models in question, though, is more likely a case of timing.

The last new model in reference is a little more murky, however, with a few different models confirmed to be in the works, but timing again being the defining factor. Reports of a mid-engined Ferrari fitted with a V6 engine have been swirling for some time now, with elements likely to be shared with Maserati’s MC20. Another possibility is another hardcore mid-engined V8 spinoff, this time finding its foundation in the F8 Tributo. 

In typical Ferrari fashion, specifics are being held under lock and key, yet with so much activity due in the coming months we shouldn’t have to wait long to see what transpires.

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