1960s inspired Jannarelly Design-1 set for UAE debut

New 1960s –inspired Jannarelly Design-1 from W Motors Fenyr designer set to debut in Dubai next year

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Turns out Anthony Jannarelly has been pretty busy as of late. As well as penning the brand new W Motors Fenyr and the UAE-based Sand Racer, he’s also been working in tandem with Equation Composite owner Frederic Juillot on a brand new sportscar.

The new project – the Jannarelly Design-1 – takes inspiration from the universe of Magnus Walker and Ferdinand Porsche’s famous quote ‘I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams so I built it myself’, and celebrates the golden age of sports cars of the 1950s and 1960s.

“The Jannarelly is a tribute to the golden age of sports cars for today’s drivers” Anthony explains. “It was conceived to be the start of an emotional journey through the essence of motoring: the thrill of driving and the emotion of owning a beautiful object expressing their very own self with the same free spirit taken from the golden age of sports cars”

Key technical details have yet to be revealed, though the new Jannarelly Design-1 blends vintage bodylines, simple mechanics and modern materials, carbon fibre and fibreglass proving a key part of the build. At the base is a steel tubular frame and structural aluminium panelling, whilst the rear-wheel drive two-seater is powered by a mid-rear mounted V6 DOHC 24-valve engine.

Still under development, the prototype will make its debut in Dubai in early February.

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