We welcome the first addition to our new ‘Poster Heroes’ series, the brand new Ford GT.

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“Ford GT?” 

Such is the length of time chief photographer Arun has been asking me this question that the full version – “James, could you, when you have five minutes, be a good chap and post the images we shot of the Ford GT concept at the Dubai Autodrome on, for I feel our dedicated band of readers will really appreciate the effort that has gone into them” – is no longer required. Given his thoughts on the second generation supercar though, you can see his point…

Downloadable wallpapers available HERE

“When I saw the new-for-2016 Ford GT at this year’s Dubai Motor Show, it answered my long lasting question: “could America one day produce a supercar more drool-worthy in terms of looks than Ferrari, Lamborghini or Pagani could manage, and would I ever have the opportunity to shoot it?” Speak of the devil and he doth appear”, as just four days later I was doing just that at the Dubai Autodrome.

“As is always the case with such things, there was a catch. This being only a rolling model, the hydraulics on our concept gave up the ghost just before our shoot began, locking the front wheels tight and making any movement other than ‘backwards and forwards’ pretty much impossible. Still, when faced with those beautiful curves such as these, dual racing stripes and juicy red paintwork, you REALLY make the most of it.

“First priority was to bring out the heritage links to both the Ford GT40 and the first generation GT, most notably the classic white racing stripes, the bonnet scoops, the sheer energy of that engine bay, and that almost insanely low roofline. The next step though was trickier, emphasising the new contemporary ‘vision’ of Ford’s future. This meant some seriously low angles, to help highlight the carbon fibre detailing, the science behind those wind tunnel-tested air intakes, and the menace of that surprisingly elegant bodywork could. Make no mistake, beneath those lines, there is some serious aggression.

“The new Ford GT is a supercar that encourages a photographer to really push himself, a subject that deserves more and more beautiful shots, and evoking the inner child within me who cannot control his widest grin. Ultimately though, our first Poster Hero leaves me a little restless, knowing that the ‘money shot’ is still there, waiting to be found beneath those stunning curves. Speak of the devil and he doth appear. I sincerely hope he does so again.”


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