Jannarelly Design-1 hardtop. Pricing revealed

New details emerge concerning the new hardtop Jannarelly Design-1. And, oh yeah, it looks amazing!

Engine Power Torque 0-100kph Top speed Weight Basic price
V6, 3498cc (Nissan) 304bhp @ 7200rpm 371Nm (274lb ft) @ 4000rpm 3.8secs 240kph 790kg (385bhp/ton) $62,000

We cannot display this galleryAlongside the Ferrari 250 GTO and the Porsche 550, clearly Jaguar’s F-TYPE has been a big inspiration for Jannarelly Automotive. In that the convertible paved the way for an altogether sexier hardtop.

Details remain slim at the moment, Anthony and Frederic confirming only that the lightweight hardtop and new glass windshield – which replaces the ‘aeroscreen’ on our test model – will not rocket the Design-1’s kerb weight. More interesting than this though is the canopy itself, which is front-hinged á la the KTM X-Bow and can be removed entirely from its mountings. Though the canopy sits over the rear buttresses, elongated fins have also been added across the bonnet for, what Anthony calls, a ‘more linear eye line’:

“I knew that if Jannarelly Automobiles ever made a convertible, I would want to design a coupe too,” Anthony explains to crankandpiston.com. “And in the beginning I was really struggling to make the roofline look good. But then I took a lot of inspiration from the ‘low drag’ Jaguar E-Type that raced at Le Mans back in the 60s. From there the car just kept on getting sexier!”

Both the windshield and roof canopy are retrofit upon customer request, meaning the 304bhp 3.5-litre Nissan V6 and drivetrain, chassis, suspension and brake kit remains unchanged. On top of the $62,000 asking price for the launch edition Design-1 roadster, the glass windshield will set you back an additional $3790, the roof (plus air-conditioning) another $10K.

  • Technical specifications available on page 2

Enjoy this hardtop Jannarelly Design-1 feature?

You can check out our drive in the Jannarelly Design-1 roadster HERE

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