Volkswagen Beetle Dune. Bring me sunshine

Presenting the Volkswagen Beetle Dune. A legend. With a ski rack.

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Picture the scene. The city around you lies in ruins, tumbled buildings and destroyed billboards coated in an eery blanket of snow and ash. The road network is no more, weary travellers now forced to ski cross-country for kilometres through unrelenting blizzards and biting winds. Your only form of transportation, a Volkswagen Beetle – nicknamed The Dune – a vehicle renowned for its half-century lifecycle and timeless looks. The silver paintwork faded to black many years ago but the notches and skull/crossbones stencilled into the front at least keep potential looters away.

You look around the snowy abyss. It’s a terrain that 19-inch wheels, 50mm of additional ground clearance and a ‘rugged off-road look’ help immensely with in your mission to ‘bring a little sunshine’ to the world’s four remaining continents.

Finding petrol for a 210hp turbocharged Rambo-ed hatchback is a little on the tricky side what with fossil fuels now burnt out, but at least the six-speed DSG gearbox is in fine fettle. Next stop, Detroit.

You never know. It could happen.

– Shots courtesy of Volkswagen

Volkswagen Beetle Dune
Power: 210hp
Transmission: Six-speed DSG automatic
Wheels: 19-inch alloy wheels front and rear / five-spoke
Tyres: 255/45 R19 front and rear

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