SRT Viper. The new retina-searing Stryker Green

The new SRT Viper Stryker Green breaks cover. Avert your gaze.


For those of you who thought the new 470hp V10 SRT Viper was all-well-and-good-but-a-little-on-the-subtle side, salvation is now at hand.

The ‘vibrant’ creature you see above is the new Viper Stryker Green, a cunning take on the Stryker Red that the fifth gen ssssnake first appeared in last year. The key to the new paintwork, SRT claims, is the “liquid-metal appearance, similar to mercury” that perfectly combines “its deep finish flows with the Viper’s elegant lines”.


So confident is the company that this new hue will have potential customers breaking down showroom glass doors – following surprisingly low sales figures thus far – that it is unapologetically offering the new colour for $5700. We’d say ‘show us the green’, but we’re better than that.


So, loud, brash, muscular, regular reboots, and sometimes found a deep pulsating green. Congratulations SRT. You’ve just reinvented the Incredible Hulk.

– Shots courtesy of driveSRT

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