Vettel thrashes F12berlinetta on-track

The four-time Formula 1 world champion takes a high-speed spin in Ferrari‘s 730bhp supercar around the Hungaroring

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Sebastian Vettel has impressed spectators once more by thrashing an F12berlinetta around the Hungaroring Maranello track. The video was filmed just a month before the Ferrari F1 driver won his second Grand Prix at the wheel of the SF15-T (which he named ‘Eva’) at the track. And, given the size of his smile, Seb is clearly having a lot of fun pushing the model to its limits.

The F12berlinetta’s 6.3-litre V12 engine pushes out a massive 730bhp and has 509lb ft of torque (we won’t even bother talking fuel efficiency). Not too shabby, as one Kimi Raikkonen demonstrated with a hot lap – sideways – last year on home turf at Fiorano.

Not sure what we’re banging on about? Just click play…

*Source: Ferrari

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