VIDEO: The world’s quickest Nissan GT-R. AMS Performance Alpha Omega

Is this the world’s quickest Nissan GT-R? Spoilers: yes.ams-alpha-omega

This is the AMS Performance Alpha Omega – a very, very tuned Nissan R35 GT-R, and it just may be the fastest in the world.

Built in West Chicago, USA by AMS Performance, it boasts a large number of upgrades that give it in excess of 2000 horsepower. Virtually everything under the bonnet has been boosted and reinforced, while myriad carbonfibre has been added to reduce weight. It’s been tuned for the drag strip, with drag suspension and wheels and tyres to give maximum grip.

And boy, does it need it. As this video shows, the Alpha Omega is an absolute weapon. It’ll hit 60mph (96.5kph) in 1.58 seconds, and bring up 100mph (160.9kph) in 2.85 seconds. On the quarter mile at the Milan Dragway in Michigan, the Alpha Omega recorded a quarter mile time of 7.48 seconds at 192.97mph (310.555kph).

Watch. Gawp. Enjoy.

Source: That Racing Channel

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