StreetFX WTF86. Rocket Bunny Toyota 86 with Nissan GT-R R35 V8

Ever seen a Nissan GT-R-sourced V8 slotted into a Toyota 86? Nope, us neither. And given that StreetFX is hoping its Rocket Bunny WTF86 will eventually push 1000whp, this might be right up your street…

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As work continues on Ryan Tuerck’s Gumout 458 JDM supercar – essentially a Toyota 86 with a Ferrari F136 V8 engine transplant – we’re reminded of a similarly ambitious build that started in earnest back in 2012. The project – WTF86 – comes from StreetFX in Australia with the help of GT Auto Garage, both of whom are gunning for a world first by sliding the 4.1-litre HKS GT1000 V8 from an R35 Nissan GT-R into a Toyota 86.

Straight off the bat (sort of), StreetFX kitted its 86 out with a Rocket Bunny bodykit, though the team defied convention by moulding the fenders onto the body rather than bolting them into place. Originally StreetFX was content to simply tune the bollocks out of Subaru’s stock boxer four-cylinder, getting a stonking 545rwhp through the Martini Racing E85 wheels via a combination of turbo and supercharging.

Pole-vaulting this early benchmark though plagued the build with problems, to the point that the team did away with the four-cylinder altogether, instead starting work on a 4.1-litre HKS GT1000 for the WTF86, built from the base architecture of a 3.8-litre VR38DETT from the R35 GT-R. A sizable ball ache, since even StreetFX and GT Auto Garage themselves were unsure whether this 4.1-litre bulk – already three times the size of the 86’s boxer – would even fit the newly Rocket Bunny-ed 86. Work wasn’t purely reserved for the engine either, a purpose-built six-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission being thrown in for good measure (and slicker shifts).

In the end, a nice round 1000whp was the ultimate benchmark for WTF86, enough for the 86 to be used for both Time Attack and street racing. Work continues, and if we’ve butchered the description, you can read more about the build HERE. We thought though you might like to hear the first time this beast was put on the dyno. Apologies headphone users…

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*Hat tip to Autoblog for the find. Cheers guys!

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