VIDEO. A tour of the Red Bull F1 factory. With a freerunner

“And if you look over here, you’ll see a man jumping over the Formula 1 cars…”

The Factory

A tour of an Formula 1 factory is a wonderful thing – a chance to see behind the scenes of the pinnacle of modern motorsport. Normally you’d expect a tour guide to show you around, but Red Bull Racing has gone down a slightly different route…

Meet Ryan Doyle, one of the world’s top free runners, or parkour specialists, depending on your choice of label. Basically, he’s really good and jumping and spinning and flipping and generally gallivanting around. And now, in a not-at-all-staged video, he’s illicitly snuck into Red Bull Racing’s F1 factory in Milton Keynes and is free running riot.

This is a chance not only to see a man in a track suit do some fancy tricks, but also to get a brief look at how Red Bull runs its business. We particularly like the Giant Room O’ Cars, and the box of old race suits. Hat tip to the editors for the Indiana Jones reference too.

Source: Red Bull

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