VIDEO. Sebastian Vettel tracks 950bhp LaFerrari Aperta

LaFerrari Aperta makes its dynamic debut (mostly sideways) at the Circuito de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, with former Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel at the wheel.

Four-time Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel tracks the limited edition LaFerrari Aperta.

There’s not a huge amount NOT to like about that particular description. But if for some reason you need a little more incentive, consider the fact that this is a 42-time Grand Prix champion nailing the performance rubber of the convertible LaFerrari that made its global debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show. It boasts the same 950bhp 6.3-litre V12, hybrid underpinnings, and a sub-three second 0-100kph time of its hardtop counterpart, and – somehow – even more exclusivity, given that only 209 have been made. And sold. For $1.7 million.

A quick sojourn through the city boasts cameos from both the prettiest Ferrari ever built – the 330 P4 – at around the 57s mark, as well as the most valuable Ferrari on the planet – the 250 GTO – shortly before that. From there, it’s on to the Circuito de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain (cue an F2004 Formula 1 car cameo) where the likeable German really gets to put the high-revving hammer down.

If this is not worth 153 seconds of your life, we wager you’re not bloody human.

Enjoy this LaFerrari Aperta video?

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